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„Kolor Pak” Sp. z o.o. produces packaging of solid or corrugated 5 and 7 layers board, covered, with or without imprint and from hard foil. We make imprints on packaging as well as prints in such forms as posters, leaflets, jobbing printings, labels e.t.c. We co-operate with experienced design engineers and printing companies. Our clients are advised of new, quaint and functional solutions. We possess an adequate fleet of printing machines providing production of packaging of any kind.

„Kolor Pak” Sp. z o.o. company has been active on the Polish market since 2002. It produces a wide range of packaging made of 3 and 5 layers board, corrugated board and hard foil together with spatial advertising elements, such as stands and expositors. Our products are used to package manufactured goods, food-stuffs, confectionery, household chemistry, iron goods and other manufacture. We make imprints on packaging in a full color range using offset and flexographic technology.Y

During the manufacturing process we use a differential fleet of printing machines, that is constantly modernized. Therefore we are able to make any kind of packagings and to guarantee our clients prime quality of service. Employees are properly prepared and experienced to provide you a competent help. We develop projects and technologies to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding clients.
Co-operating with various suppliers and producers we gained experience in producing miscellaneous packaging and by that we are able to provide our clients with broad product range, depending on expectations. The most valuable quality factor of all our product offer is punctuality of deliveries. The main target of the company is to satisfy our clients.Y

Our products are directed to recipients appreciating high quality, durability and functionality. Wares we manufacture are perfect to package any product.Y

Our main goal is to produce FAST, CHEAPLY along with GOOD QUALITY.



We invite you to review our offer.


  • blanking up to B0 format,
  • cardboard bending,
  • covering,
  • bindery
  • bonding 1, 2, 3, 4 seeder
  • lamination


  • packaging made of corrugated 3 and 5 layers board, micro-corrugated board, solid board, covered with and without imprint,
  • flap packaging (American-box) and die-cut packaging, grey and whitewashed without imprint
  • color stands, displays, expositors
  • posters, calendars, forms, labels with offset imprint,
  • hard foil welded packaging

Printing house

  • offset imprints up to B1 format
  • and flexographic imprints up to B0 format


We invite you to review our offer.

Solid board packaging with offset imprint

Covered corrugated board packaging with imprint

Packaging made of 3 and 5 layers board
with flexographic imprints

Flap boxes and die-cut packaging grey
and whitewashed with and without imprint

Color stands, displays, expositors

Posters, calendars, forms, labels

Hard foil welded packaging

UE grants

In connection with the planned implementation of the project entitled:

Implementation of innovative technology, printing on the packaging of the company Kolor-Pak sp. z o.o.,

applying for co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme Kujawsko-Pomorskie for 2014-2020 are invited to tender for the supply of automatic flexographic printer.

Information about the bid selection

Information about the bid selection

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„Kolor pak” Sp z o.o.
ul. Dworcowa 14, 86-300 Grudziądz

Customer service office
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tel.: +48(56) 46-44-957,
tel./fax: +48(56) 46-44-956,
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e-mail: biuro@kolorpak.pl


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